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Why is home health care better for you or your family member? At Absolute Healthcare Resources, we offer the following benefits alongside the care we give to our beloved clients.

  • Nurses, home health aides, and therapists are trained to provide care in a home setting, which means there is no need to leave your own home to receive professional care.
  • Home Health Care is a less costly alternative to long-term hospitalization or admission to a care facility.
  • With Home Health Care, you can choose when and how often your caregiver visits you. Flexible schedules give you more time to spend with loved ones.
  • Home Health Care is highly recommended by physicians who feel that their patient could recover faster at home or age in place. Being in a familiar and comfortable place like home, a patient can be more receptive to rehabilitative treatment, which yields optimal results for the individual.

We extend an invitation for you to schedule an evaluation with our care coordinator or case manager. Before providing care, it is best to determine the level of assistance you would require concerning your current health and mobility conditions. Please call 703-205-2412 to set an appointment.

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